DKM is led by a group of instructors who are passionate about self-defense, who want to see you succeed and surpass your own fitness goals, and who care about you as a person.


  • Trained by the United States Krav Maga Association (USKMA) President, Mark Slane
  • USKMA Black Belt Certified 

Marty has over 11 years' experience in Krav Maga. Began Krav Maga lessons in Columbus, Ohio back in 2005. The first time he watched a class he was hooked. He remembers thinking, “This is what I have been looking for all my life!” 

Marty opened the Dynamic Krav Maga & Fitness school in Huntsville, Alabama in 2013 with the vision of becoming an all-round self-defense and fitness school meeting the needs of men, women and teens in North Alabama.  “We prepare people for defense against real world attacks. We have developed a curriculum that will meet most everyone’s fitness goals in a safe environment.  As I tell everyone who comes for the Intro Night, leave your ego at the door.  We aren’t here to see who’s the toughest, strongest, or most skilled among us.  We are focused on helping everyone no matter their age, gender, or fitness condition.”

Marty has trained and conducted instruction in all the Krav Maga levels, including the Black Belt level.  He has conducted numerous seminars such as:

  • Weapons Defense
  • Use of a Steel Baton
  • Active Shooter Engagement
  • Women's Self Defense
  • Home Invasion Defense
  • REALTORs Self-Defense


  • Krav Maga Black Belt, USKMA Certified Instructor
  • Wrestling since 12 yrs old - 2 times Alabama State Champ
  • 3 times Alabama Karate Circuit Champ
  • 8 Years of Martial Arts (Shotokan, Yoshukai, Kickboxing, Tang Soo Do)
  • 3 Years Mentor – Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Enjoys participating in Spartan races

Curtis is always seeking to test and go beyond his limits and those of the students.  His dedication to helping others attain their best is one of his strongest points.


KELLEY BABST- Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor

  • Kelley has been training for four years.  Kelley exhibits a passion for Krav Maga since the first day she started.  She makes students feel comfortable and encourages through her friendly demeanor and enthusiasm.  Marty calls Kelley his "Cheerleader" of the school. But don't mistake her compassion for weakness.  She goes full out in her training!


LUKE MILLER - Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor

Luke has three years of Krav experience.  Luke is a dynamic person who goes 100% whether he's teaching or learning.  Luke is the "Philosopher" of the school bringing insight into different ways to perform techniques.

KELBY PEARSON - Level 1 Instructor

Kelby comes from a family of lifelong martial arts students and has spent many years studying Tae Kwon Do. Despite her exposure to traditional martial arts, she instantly knew Krav Maga was what she was looking for after attending an intro night. Over the last year Kelby has lost 70 pounds through Krav Maga and heavy weight-lifting sessions.

When she isn’t teaching or training at DKM she is an avid SCUBA diver, kayaker, and fitness enthusiast.  In addition to her passion for health and fitness, she’s a space and aviation enthusiast and is an Aerospace Engineering student at UAH.

Kelby’s goals are to continue pursuing her Black Belt in Krav Maga, compete as an elite competitive powerlifter, and ensure that each of our members are gaining real world self-defense knowledge while working to improve conditioning and endurance. 

SCOTT MORSE - Level 1 Instructor

Background in wrestling (AL state runner-up), Aikido and boxing.  

25+ years of combative experience.  

Hobbies include disc golf and watching my kids sporting events (both play soccer and basketball).  My wife and I are interested in being as self-sufficient as possible, so we garden, practice homeopathic medicine, practice self/home defense.  We practice being prepared.

Outside of Krav Maga I am retired from the US Navy and a stay-at-home Dad.  

My goals in Krav Maga are to earn a black belt and to teach others this valuable set of tools.  Outside of Krav Maga, I just want to successfully raise my family and provide them every opportunity to find happiness and success.

SHIV JOSHI - Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor

Previous Martial Arts - Aikido

Hobbies and Interestes - Working out at the gym and hanging out with friends

Sophomore at James Clemmons High School

Goals - Attain Krav maga Black Belt, gain acceptance at a good college, contiune physical strength training

CHRISTOPHER CARR - Level 1 Instructor

HALSTON BURRESS- Combatives Instructor

MMA Brown Belt

US Army Combatives Competitor

Muay Thai Training at Gomi Fairfax Camp in Thailand

MMA, Kenpo and Boxing Instructor

Children's Anti-Bullying Instructor

Competition Record - Muay Thai 14-1, MMA 5-3, Boxing 4-0  

Assistant Instructor Andrew Gilbert