Designed to realistically teach you to survive an attack, Krav Maga's fighting system combines the best elements of boxing and martial arts, with no differences in training between men and women. This system uses natural movements that can cripple attackers when warranted. There are no set-in-stone rules, katas, official uniforms, or special gear.

     Assault defenses, counter attacks, weapons defense, and, most importantly, mental conditioning are all taught. Through demonstration, step-by-step instruction, and go-hard drills, the student quickly learns what it takes to survive an attack, all while building endurance and muscle tone.


     If you’re looking for a pure adrenaline pumping, all-around workout, then come join our Cardio Krav fitness class and get fit the Krav Maga way!  If you aren't familiar with Cardio Krav classes then you are in for a special treat! You don't need to be in top condition to start, we'll build you from the ground up and in no time at all you'll be hitting and kicking like a pro. This is an addictive “leave it all out on the floor” kind of class that will keep you coming back for more! From punching bags to planks and pushups, Cardio Krav covers it all!


 The last place you want to be during an attack is on the ground.  This class is dedicated to learning how to come out on top, using a combination of Jiu Jitsu, wrestling techniques, and martial MMA ground defenses with the Krav Maga mindset added!  This is critical training for a complete self defense arsenal for survival. 


     We also host special classes, sometimes taught by our instructors, sometimes taught by specialists, that teach more advanced defenses, such as defenses against firearms and knives, active-shooter situations, car-jacking attempts, etc.. 
   In addition, we have monthly member team building days, which range from gun training to rock climbing to ice cream socials. We have a blast and support and encourage one another!